Providing Reference Panels


To help us achieve a more accurate color match, do provide us with a color sample that is big enough.

The smallest size should be a color chip on a color card, usually around 4cm by 3cm.

Do also provide us with a minimum of 3 pieces of substrate. We will retain a piece for our records. We also recommend our customers to retain a piece for their own records, and use the remaining piece for sample submissions to their clients.

Reference from computer screens


Avoid referencing from electronic sources, such as pictures sent via email.

Colors viewed on computer screens will vary across different screen models, and different display settings.

Computerized Color Matching System


All our submitted samples are recorded in our computer systems, so you can be assured that you will be receiving the same color across different orders.

However, for the highest accuracy, we encourage customers to place their orders for the total required quantity in one go.

Color Matching for Timber


We also provide color matching services for timber.

Similarly, provide us with several pieces of color reference, and the timber you will be using on site.

Varnishes are translucent colors. Therefore, color will vary according to substrate color, application method, and thickness applied. A 100% match is not always possible.

Timber Color Variance


Timber naturally occurs in varying tones.

For more accurate representations of your desired colored floors, we recommend customers to provide us with panels made with a complete range of varying timber tones to be coated.

As tinted varnishes are translucent in color, the coated panels will also display varying timber tones accordingly, providing a clearer idea of what the customer can expect on their actual site.

Timber Grain Variance


Different species of timber possess different grain patterns and characteristics.

Tinted varnishes are unable to replicate these naturally occurring grain patterns. If you wish to color match on a different species of timber, we will attempt to match the overall color tone, absent the difference in grain patterns.